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30th Birthday

Was actually no big deal for me. (YEAH RIGHT!) But thanks to the expert planning of my sister, Monica and my two closest friends Dineen and Fran, I was thrown a huge birthday party!! So many people showed up, from work, from school, from the Hood, from other states, that I was blown away!! I actually felt YOUNGER when it was all over! Here are some pics of the event! Thank you to all who attended!! And I'll see you next year, when I turn 29, again!! 
Quick, Blow the candles out before someone calls the Fire Department!!!

Celebrating with good old pals Steve, Jim, and Stacy!!

Friends from New Jersey! Diana and Keith!! Completely surprised that they made it! Thought they would be home taking care of my niece and their daughter, Keiana.

Sisters from the Hood, Melissa and Fran.
Always know how to make a party FUN!! YOU GO GIRLS!!

Dineen and Jim helping me stay standing!! LOL!! Okay, this was really a GROUP HUG, *WINK* *WINK* AML2U2.

Marty, Gretchen and Joe, Maxing and Relaxing at my 30th!! Thanks for making it guys! It meant a lot to me!!


Your 20's were about turning inward, getting out from underneath your parents, and discovering the true you. Going to college, developing your mind, and getting that first full time "career" position. Yes, your childhood friends have all grown up, bought town houses, moved away or got married. Yes, your responsibilities as an adult have increased 300 fold. Now it is your turn to bring home the bacon and make ends meet. Distances grow, you have less contact with your friends, but you know they will always be there to love and support you in your time of need.

Now you are 30. It is time to look outward, embrace the world and discovery new things and go new places. You are established in who you are. There are a whole lot of new people who want to find out about YOU. So get going. Now is the time to start living.


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