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In 1980 my parents bought a house in a community called Somerset. The community was right across the street from our family church and my grade school. As I assimilated into my new surroundings, I began to hang out with a group of 8 guys mostly pictured here. Growing up in Somerset was incredible. As children, we would play sports and other games: War, Lights, and Kick the Can. As adults, we would go out to the bars in Fells Point to drink and party together.

This pic was taken at one of many week long vacations in Ocean City that we spent together.

Mark, Brian, Mike, Me, Marty, Eric, Jim, and Gary.
(Not Pictured: Steve, Joe N)
After High School, some of us went to college, some of us went directly to work, some of us did both. Soon our group would be expanding as each of us met people in our now different areas. But the core group remained. Keeping in touch and hanging out as much as possible.

Well as we age, the years go by faster and contact becomes less frequent. All of us have become successful in our own ways; finishing school, starting graduate school, getting engaged, buying a house, achieving career goals, and finding our paths in life. Some of us find it harder to pick up the phone, send e-mail, or write a letter to those who are not in our immediate surroundings. But we, as a group, as brothers, know that each and every one of us will be there for the other whether things are going tough or things are going great.

Joe   Steve

Best Buddy Eric @ Universal Studios in 1993
Brian's Band "State Of Mind"

Crazy Man, Charles

Mark, Paul, Mike, and Matt @ Margarita Maggies X-mas Party 1995

Mark H, Kevin (K4), Keith, Charles, Ted, Eric, Joey, and Me Margarita Maggies 1993

Partying It Up @ HFStival 96


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