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The JMU Experience

In 1989, I transferred to James Madison College (JMU) in Harrisonburg, VA. I roomed with these two jokers, Ted and Mark. Mark was a great friend from Baltimore and Ted was his good friend from JMU. We had some wild times at JMU. Now Ted, works for Baseball Weekly, and Mark is a Harvard Graduate and currently resides in Boston.


While, not *ALL* the guys pictured to the RIGHT are "HELMETS" and in fact some of the original "HELMETS" are missing, these men were integral to making my parties a success. From doing inverted Kegstands, downing 40s of St. Ides, or just playing a friendly game of "ZONE". These guys knew how to THROW DOWN and were great friends. And, as you can see, the don't clean up too bad either! (LOOK BELOW)

SHADOW BONE! The latest group of musicians my good friend and fellow JMU Alumnus, Brian Gass, just happens to be a part of! Look for them coming to a venue near you! (Very Hard Core!) Click on the logo to go to their website and sign up on their e-mail list!!

Having their cake and *EATING* it too! :)
K4 and Shannon

Francie and Keith



This is my buddy Jay Rocker and his beautiful wife, Michelle. Shortly after Jay suffered through the same Sociology courses with me, he grabbed his diploma and headed out to Orange County, California. He now is the proud father of Madison (his girl) and baby Jake as well as a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He's a Law Dog, so if you're ever out in L.A. make sure you stay on the right side of the law.

With smiles like this, newlyweds Pat and Karen couldn't help but hear the call of the LEFT COAST. Shortly after their graduation from James Madison, they got hitched and then moved out west to Hermosa Beach, CA. Fortunately for us, they make it back to the east for frequent visits. Unfortunately for them, they've left me an open invitation to come visit "WHENEVER"! LOL :) Don't worry I'll give you guys plenty of notice!


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