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OC Summer of 92

After graduating from James Madison University in December of 1991, me and my friends Mark and Eric decided a summer at the beach would be a fun thing to do before we got all serious and obtained "REAL JOBS". So in January, one of the coldest Januaries on record, Mark, Eric and I went "Down The Ocean, Hon" to look for a place to live and get a job!

Mark and I ended up working at Nick Idoni's House Of Ribs on 145th St. Eric worked at Chicken Out and according to him he was the "Grill Master!" Of course, I was dubbed the "MASTER" of something else, but that's another story.
Me, Eric, Frank, Jeff,
Mark, and Andy

Me with weightlifting buddy, Mark Miller.

Despite our Totalitarian Boss, the late great Nicholas Idoni (God Rest His Soul), life at work was fun. I met a ton of new people, made mad cash, and learned some new "Life Skills" like: how to make cole slaw gallons at a time, silverware rolling 101, napkin folding, and the best lesson, eating leftovers like they were your own! GROSS!!! :)
Frank and Tamara

This is Frank and his fiancee, Tams. Frank and I worked together at Nick's. And amazingly enough, we work together now at the same company, System Source! Except this time he's my mentor and I am his protege! Of course he's paying me BIG BUCKS to keep all the dirt I know about him from the beach off of this web page!! :) *JUST KIDDING*

Crazy Tom, Carry-Out Dude!

Dawn, Mean Jean, and Pam

Although Nick was a Sexist, Chauvinistic Pig, he had an elaborate interview process that allowed me to work with gorgeous women, like the three to the left. And his workplace vision of "The Staff that Sleeps Together Stays Together" wasn't too bad either! :) *AGAIN, I'M JOKING*
By far one of the coolest women I met at Nick's was Dawn. She taught me a lot about the beach and made me want to stay, but alas, I could not see my self living there forever, so I moved back home on September 16, 1992. But came back to visit her and the gang at Nicks often!

Nick's Staff of 92 - 5 year reunion

Growing into the Social Coordinator role, I tried to organize a 5 year reunion for the staff of 1992. Fortunately people showed up! Unfortunately, it was the same night as the last game of the world series, which meant that a lot of the staff - still working at Nick's- couldn't break away for the meeting.


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