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Back to Home What do you mean you don't know how to make a MIND ERASER, it's all right HERE!

Learn : Need to know how to be a BEST MAN? Tie a Tie? Get rid of a Hangover? The answers are all here at this site! Awesome and Fun!

HOW MUCH LONGER?: Living in agony? Need to know when you will be leaving this earth for the great beyond? Check out the DEATHCLOCK, enter your stats and answer some questions and in seconds the day of your demise will be revealed to you!! And the clock will start ticking down the seconds! My personal day of departure will be December 8, 2042!!! Dead at the ripe old age of 73!

Fool.Com: No practical jokes here, just rock solid investment advice. Learn the Motley Fool's way of becoming rich! If you don't have a clue about saving money or investing (like ME) You need to go to this site!!

URBAN LEGENDS: We have all received the e-mail about the kidney little Jessica Parker needs in order to live. And, if you forward the e-mail to everyone you know the American Kidney Association will donate 3 cents to "Jessica's Fund". GET REAL! GET A CLUE! And check out this SITE to find out more! And stop forwarding me those crazy LEGENDS!

GEEK SPEAK: Having trouble interpreting the LOL's and ROTFLMAO's of your favorite CHAT ROOM?!?!! Well here's just what you've been looking for! A Site dedicated to NET LINGO! Go there and catch up on your GEEK SPEAK!

WHAT IS?: Newbie to the internet or Computers? Surf on over to this site and find out the difference between SCSI and EIDE!! Or better yet, learn how the internet really works! (No, it's not magic!)

I'll take State Capitals for 1000, Alex. This site has everything you need to know about each of the great 50 states!