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Personal training can benefit most people in positive ways.

You may be new to resistance training and would like to know how certain
machines work or how to perform specific exercise movements so you do not
get injured.

You may have limited time and need to develop a routine that will minimize
your time in the gym and maximize your results. You may have been doing the same routine for months, even years and do not have the motivation to continue and need guidance.

~ OR ~

Maybe your current program is not producing the results you seek.

In either of these situations, as a personal trainer, I can help.

Currently, I train many clients at Thomas Circle Sports Club in Northwest DC. If you are a member there, you can ask for me and I will be able to help you.

Go to Rates @ The Gym to see the personal training fee schedule at Thomas Circle Sports Club. If you do not belong to Thomas Circle Sports Club, alternative rates are also listed.

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